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Live subtitling

Subtitling for all your live events (opera, theater, ...)

Do you need subtitles for a one-off projection or a limited number of projections? Live subtitling is the most suitable solution.

This technique is used during festivals or events where the on-screen material (films or videos) is already subtitled in a language which is different to the target audience’s (or there are none). We create subtitles (a process called adaptation) before projecting them live onto the screen taking into account the pace of the work and the available space.

For live subtitling, we work with a computer program which has been specially designed for live spotting via video projection. Babel Subtitling has all the necessary equipment to carry this out (dedicated computers, video projectors, classic or LED screens, etc.). We can also work with material the producer or programmer provides.

Before the projection starts, the equipment is suitably? set up in the best way taking into consideration any restrictions the venue may have.

Live subtitling: automatic or manual

Subtitles can be projected manually or automatically.

In manual subtitling, the subtitle creator works in real-time making sure that the subtitles that were created beforehand are synchonised with the dialogue.

This kind of subtitle display can also be done with a “time code” file. In this case, the projection is still live, but the subtitles are displayed automatically. However, an operator will still be there to make any adjustment to the pace of the subtitles.

Language combinations for live subtitling

  • Into French: from English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic;
  • Into Dutch: from French, English, Spanish, Italian;
  • Into English: from French, Dutch, German;
  • From French into Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, German.

This list is always evolving. If you wish to work into or from another language, please contact us so we can assess feasibility, regardless of whether the desired language combination is listed or not.

Live subtitling can be used at:

Film festivals, premiere, evening events, film screenings accompanied by live music, etc.

Babel Subtitling

  • Captioning for live performance