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Film or video subtitling

Video and Film subtitling

You need your work in several language versions to be widely broadcast across various media (television, online, cinema): film or video subtitling (or captioning) makes that possible.

When subtitles are directly embedded into a film or video, they are referred to as “burnt-in subtitles”. The translated text is then superimposed onto the image taking the pace of the dialogue into account.

Burnt-in subtitles are used for all types of audiovisual productions. They can be used for both short films and feature films, fiction or documentaries and even experimental films or corporate videos. They can be intended for theatrical release, DVD/Blu-ray editions, for online broadcasting or for a VoD catalogue.

Whatever the master file you wish to produce may be, Babel Subtitling will export a subtitling file in the format that is adapted to your production.

You provide a video file (we accept several digital formats), a dialogue list (preferably) and any specific details on the type of master file you would like. In return, you will receive a movie subtitle file which you will be able to import using any professional editing system.

Upon request, we can also take on the responsibility of integrating the subtitles during the production of numeric support. For the subtitled broadcasting support, we work with trustworthy providers we share great professional relationships with.

Main language combinations for film or video subtitling

  • Into French: English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic;
  • Into Dutch: French, English, Spanish, Italian;
  • Into English: French, Dutch, German;
  • From French into Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, German.

We provide movie translation and adaptation for those language combination (for example, French or Dutch into English subtitle). However this list is always evolving. If you wish to work into or from another language, please contact us so we can assess feasibility, regardless of whether the desired language combination is listed or not.

Film or video subtitling can be used on:

DCP, digital file, 35mm, DVD, Blu-ray edition, VoD, Internet, etc.

Babel Subtitling

  • Expertise in video captioning