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To contact us

To contact us

Headquarters : Rue Monulphe, 71 - 4000 LIEGE - BELGIUM

Operational offices : Galerie Cathédrale, 94 - 4000 LIEGE - BELGIUM

Company number : BE 0841 067 204

+32 496 40 31 98


Would you like to receive an quote? Send us your request at
info(@), and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please specify the nature of your request (type of work, duration and other information which could help us when writing up the quote), as well as the source and target language(s) and preferably a transcription of the dialogue.

Are you looking for a job?

Babel Subtitling is constantly growing and always on the lookout for new talent.

Would you be interested in joining our team? Send your CV to

We are currently looking for subtitlers:

  • from French and Dutch into English, German and Spanish;
  • from Arabic into French;
  • from Scandinavian languages into French.

Are you looking for another role? Send us your CV at the same address.

Galerie Cathédrale, 94 B-4000 Liège
Telephone:+32 496 40 31 98
E-mail:    info(at)